It pains us to say this. Today after 5 years of helping collectors obtain their favorite action figures, statues and collectible goods we will be shutting down MHToyShop. Our number one goal has always been to provide customers with a reputable place to shop for their favorite hobby. After many years of operating at a loss to facilitate customers and with growing competition, trying to maintain the lowest pricing, difficult vendors, inconsistencies with item releases, merchant account limitations, unpaid customer invoices and increased pricing we can no longer keep the doors open. Our team has worked countless overtime hours to keep things afloat but no matter what we did we could not stop the downward spiral. To make matters worst our website was down for less than 48 hours and customers began to issue chargeback claims at an alarming rate before giving us the ability to explain the outage.

With that said, we'd like to thank all of the thousands of customers that supported us over the years and we hope you find a new shop that facilitates all of your collecting needs like we have or better. If you have any unfulfilled orders with us we will begin issuing customers refunds accordingly with whatever resources we have. To contact us it will need to be through our support email and not any other channels. We no longer own our Ebay, Amazon and social accounts as those were sold to fulfill customers orders. If contacting our support email, please be aware that some emails may go unanswered if your questions have been answered here. We now have limited staff able to fulfill and answer hundreds of order request. Once again, we'd like to thank all of the customers that have supported us over the years and we hope you continue your collecting hobby!

-MHToyShop Team